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Amaranth Snack

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• Taste the goodness of Amaranth  in every  every bite

• Snacks that are healthy and wholesome              

• Low in calories

5 Months

A salty, spiced snack that is TFA free, low in fat, high on nutrition meal roasted/baked.These snacks are a good and healthy alternative to roasted fried namkeens for evening munchies. A TFA free, low in fat, high on nutrition meal roasted/baked.

Ingredients: Amaranth, Peanuts, Dried Apricot, Sunflower seeds, Gur, Green Chilli, Red Chilli, Salt, Curry Leaves

Serving Size: One standard sized bowl/Small plate

Best had: As it is with tea/coffee

Allergens: The product is Corn free, Yeast free and egg free .  Not suitable for individuals with nut and peanut allergy.  

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